Quick Thoughts On Ricky Romero


As you’ve no doubt heard by now Ricky Romero was optioned to the Blue Jays single A farm team in Dunedin to start the season. J.A. Happ, fresh off signing an extension with the club, will start the year as the team’s 5th starter. As usual, John Lott provides some excellent insights into what lead Ricky to this point.

One can’t help but wonder what the future holds for Romero. The last twelve months serve as a reminder that as much as we like to think of baseball players as consistent entities (an all-star, a #3 starter, a 4-win player, etc.) and highly tuned professionals, they’re also just people and their talents and abilities (and health) are fluid.

The plan is for Romero to stay in Dunedin and work on his mechanics in order to stop throwing across his body  and take a straighter line to the plate. On the face of it, that makes sense and should help with his control problems. But some fans may recall that there were numerous answers offered up last year to explain Romero’s difficulties (mechanics, overthrowing, not using his changeup) and none of the adjustments he attempted worked out.

Admittedly, sending him to Dunedin to work things out is a more radical change, so there’s some reason to be hopeful. This is clearly the right call. Romero does not help this club at all if he’s pitching the way he has been for the last twelve months. And, as many have noted, both Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee managed to right their paths after similar demotions. By all accounts Romero’s demeanour should work in his favour, but there are no guarantees and Alex Anthopoulos’ decision to build pitching depth this offseason is already proving to be a wise one. Here at Blue Jays Way we’ll be watching for news on Romero and hoping for the best. An effective Ricky Romero would be a huge boost to this year’s Jays’ playoff hopes.

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