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The site was launched in December 2012 by co-founders and editors Matt Brown and Kieran Roy – colleagues and friends who share a passion for baseball and strikingly coincidental and similar adolescent upbringings.

Editor Profile: Matt Brown

Born in Mississauga, Matt’s first memories of Blue Jays baseball involve Fergie Olver, Don Chevrier, Tom Cheek, Jerry Howarth, rainouts at Exhibition Stadium, Ernie Whitt, Dave Stieb, Alfredo Griffin, Jesse Barfield, Willie Upshaw, Doyle Alexander, and Damaso Garcia. By the time of his move to Kitchener in 1986, Matt had established himself as an authority on the team.

Matt Brown’s grade 3 report card.

Matt’s favourite Blue Jays memory is watching Roberto Alomar’s game-tying home run off of Dennis Eckersley in the 1992 ALCS, a home run which lead to a considerable delay in the commencement of Thanksgiving dinner – much to the chagrin of his aunts and mother.

Matt has lived in Toronto since 2004, where he splits his summers between watching and playing baseball and his winters scouring for Blue Jays news.

Matt met Kieran while playing on the company softball team for Sony BMG Music before they both left the company to join Arts & Crafts.

Editor Profile: Kieran Roy

Growing up in suburban Mississauga, Ontario, Kieran was drawn to baseball at the age of seven. Glued to (then weekly) Blue Jays telecasts, the early 1980s teams were full of hope and promise and begat a lifelong love for the game and dedication to the home squad. Dave Stieb and George Bell emerged as early favourites, as much for their swagger as for their impressive talent. These, and many other Jays players became inspiration for Kieran’s long and semi-illustrious little league ‘career’.

The pennant chase of 1985 cemented Kieran’s passion for the team. The memory of Bell dropping to his knee in celebration as the Jays clinched their first division title is as much engrained as either World Series wins.

Kieran Roy’s elementary school journal: the Blue Jays clinch their 1st AL East title in ’85.

As a 10 year old, upon moving to Kitchener, Kieran stumbled upon an early edition of the Bill James Baseball Abstract and feebly tried to plug the ‘Brock 2′ framework into a primitive Lotus 123 spreadsheet to attempt to predict the careers of Cal Ripken and Tony Fernandez.

The awkward early teen years brought nightly calls to the Jays Talk post-game radio show, when in between peppering Scott Ferguson and Bob McCown with questions, Kieran managed to speak to the late, great broadcaster Ernie Harwell, when asked about his unique accent quipped, “I didn’t get this from drinking out of a Dixie Cup”.

The ensuing years were filled with countless hours organizing Rotisserie League fantasy pools with pen & paper, running simulation leagues using Earl Weaver baseball, and scoring games for Stats Inc. Standard teen fare, right? Once as 13 year old, Kieran was called upon to score a game from the press box at Yankee Stadium, only having to decline the opportunity when his mother pointed out the absurdity of it all. He settled for attending the final game at Exhibition Stadium.

Over the years, Kieran’s love for the game and the Blue Jays has continued to grow, albeit in far somewhat less nerdy exploits. He has adopted a healthy level of skepticism for Jays prospects, thanks to the likes of Eddie Zosky, Silvestre Campusano and Alex Sanchez.

Kieran has called Toronto home since 1998, where he currently resides with his wife and young daughter. A music afficionado, Kieran is co-owner of Arts & Crafts, an independent music company that is also home to BJW co-founder, Matt Brown. When he’s not blogging about baseball, Kieran is likely tending to his other passion – smoked meat.